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NSM first developed the carriage that travelled from side to side in the late 1960's.
The NSM design was a lot simpler than that of the Seeburg Coporation, but was only slightly less reliable.
The first racks had metal deviders and a bank of spring loaded pins that were triggered by a moving truck, at the time it was quite reliable, but in later years is dogged by dirty contacts and poor fitting plugs.
By the early 1970's the rack had plastic deviders, which are far kinder to the records and the selection sytem was triggered by tiny pins on the carriage running on a plate at the back of the rack, initially using Taumat technology,
then after recieving court action from Seeburg, by a tiny movement of the pins.
The late 1970's brought the introduction of the first microprocessor ES Contol and Credit Units (CCU). Followed by ES2 and the short lived ES3 and prototype ES4 technology

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