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NSM Central Repairs

Juke Box Services can repair most centrals for NSM jukeboxes. We have all the test rigs for the models since 1979.
We can repair older centrals, including taumats and pin pushers, however do please phone to discuss.
Please ensure you pack your central carefully before posting, or even if you bring in by hand or car ensure it is packed safely (don't hand carry it in a plastic bag),
best is to pack it in a stout box that is the same size as the central,
then place that in a much larger box to avoid the five small circuit boards getting crushed

The central contains the power supply

for ES2 and ES3 the pre-amps and amplifiers are all in the central too

for E and ES4 the amplifiers are seperate, but the audio connections are on the central so call for advise diagnosing which parts are faulty


Most faults on the central result in the jukebox just not working, or, no or poor quality sound

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